Value, Design, Implementation & Security

The Align GRC provides unparalleled flexibility in modeling your risk and compliance environment while fitting within your budget. The solution can be implemented quickly and provides a secure repository for the information you need to retain. Clients stay with us for years because the solution can be tailored to your needs and grow with you.

Key Advantages


AlignAlytics delivers a more sophisticated way of managing GRC at a price point that is better than less rigorous offerings.


The technology of Align GRC makes it possible to link different views of a business and to deal with the underlying information flexibly.

Implementation & Training

We can stand up an enterprise solution in 30 Days. See the Timeline below. Our training receives accolades from our clients.


Align GRC is hosted in Rackspace. The solution meets the highest industry standards for security.

Implementation Timeline

Kick Off

  • Understand current environment
  • Outline implementation process
  • Understand expectations
  • Understand current environment
  • Obtain existing SOX documentation (Excel, Word, Visio)
  • Model a business-centric Framework
  • Consolidate account, risk, and control related data into a single framework
  • Write script and execute script for electronic load of data
  • Load/attach ancillary historical data

Load Data

Review Content

  • Review and agree upon loaded content.
  • Content in web-based (SaaS) relational database comprised of financial reporting risks and controls.
  • Data set enables client to document, assess, test, remediate and certify controls to attest to its compliance with SOX.
  • Understand current environment
  • Outline implementation process
  • Understand expectations

Client Read-Only Access


  • Perform full day of “train the trainer” services
  • Follow-up, web-based training
  • Administrators trained in the best practice usage of the database

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